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Wheat Analysis System Methods – Single Kernel Analysis

300 kernels are individually analyzed using a Single Kernel Characterization System (SKCS) Model 4100 (Perten Instruments). The mean and standard deviation from the 300 kernel sample are reported for four parameters. They are harness, size, moisture, and weight. The machine works by weighing (SKWT) each kernel prior to it being dropped between a rotor and crescent which crushes it. The crescent has a load cell attached which will sense the kernel ‘s size (SKSIZE), the force (SKHRD) needed to crush the kernel, and the moisture (SKMST) of each kernel. The rotor is ribbed to sweep the crushed kernel past the crescent preparing the machine for the next kernel. An algorithm using a 4-class histogram to categorize the class (SKCLASS) as hard, soft, or mixed.