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Wheat Analysis System Methods – Rapid Visco Analyzer (RVA)

A hot-pasting viscosity measured by the Rapid Visco Analyzer, using 3.5g of flour on a 14% moisture basis, in 25 mL water. The viscosity reported is the peak viscosity in RVA units (centipoise X 10). The temperature profile used to obtain the peak viscosity consists of 2 min at 60, then constant rate heating to 93 in 6 minutes with a final hold of 2 min at 93, for a total of 10 min. The RVA emulates the Brabender Amylograph. Foreign users have suggested that an Amylograph viscosity value (not analyzed her) of 500 Brabender Units (BU or AU) is a minimum value, and 1000 or grater is a desirable value for certain types of noodle quality. RVA and Amylograph peak viscosity values have a linear correlation of about 0.99. Therefore, minimum RVA values would be near 125 with values above 210 desirable.