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Wheat Analysis System Methods – Modified Quadrumat Milling Short Flow

Wheat samples (approximately 40-100 g size) are atmospherically conditioned (tempered) by placing the wheat (in envelopes) into a constant temperature and relative humidity chamber. Moisture content is raised to the desired level (13% – soft wheat and 14.5% – hard wheat). The conditioned wheat is ground only through the Quadrumat break rolls.. The standard sifting schedule used in the Modified Quadrumat SR milling procedure is followed. Break flour produced from hard wheat is usually 25% – 30% and from soft wheat about 45% – 50%. This amount of flour produced is generally sufficient for certain physio-chemical predictive tests that require little flour  ie., mixogram Rapid Visco Analyzer viscosity, Brookfield viscosity or AWRC.

Bran (%BRAN): The percentage of bran in the total products.

Break Flour Yield (%BFYELD): The percentage by weight of the total products recovered as flour off the break rolls.

Midds (%MIDDS): The percentage unground middling stock in the total products.

Potential Flour Yield (%PFYELD): The potential flour equal to break flour and unground middling stock.