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Wheat Analysis System Methods – Farinograph

The Farinograph is equipped with a 50-g bowl and the Constant Flour Weight procedure (14% moisture basis) is employed. AACC Method 54-21A (1).

Farinograph Absorption (FABS): The amount of water required to center the highest portion of the Farinograph curve on the 500 Brabender unit (BU) line.

Farinograph Mixing Peak Time (FPEAK): The time interval, in minutes, from the first addition of water until the curve reaches its maximum height.

Farinograph Stability Time (FSTAB): The number of minutes the top of the curve remains above the 500 unit line when the highest portion (peak) is centered on the 500 unit line.

Farinograph Mixing Tolerance Index (MTI): The difference in Brabender Units (BU) from the top of the curve at peak mixing time to the top of the curve five minutes after the peak mixing time.