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Puroindoline locus


Puroindoline a and b grain hardness (hardness) (kernel texture) alleles, kernel phenotype, and the molecular changes in the puroindoline DNA and protein sequence.

Puroindoline locus



Phenotype, molecular change

Pina-D1a Pinb-D1a Soft, wild-type
Pina-D1b Pinb-D1a Hard, puroindoline a null
Pina-D1a Pinb-D1b Hard, puroindoline b, GGC -› AGC, Gly-46 to Ser-46
Pina-D1a Pinb-D1c Hard, puroindoline b, CTG -› CCG, Leu-60 to Pro-60
Pina-D1a Pinb-D1d Hard, puroindoline b, TGG -› AGG, Trp-44 to Arg-44
Pina-D1a Pinb-D1e Hard, puroindoline b null, TGG -› TGA, Trp-39 to stop codon
Pina-D1a Pinb-D1f Hard, puroindoline b null, TGG -› TGA, Trp-44 to stop codon
Pina-D1a Pinb-D1g Hard, puroindoline b null, TGC -› TGA, Cys-56 to stop codon